Between the White Lines First Annual Sports Camp Recap

JTRM-Camp-PicsOn Saturday, June 18th , Jim “The Rookie” Morris Foundation held our First Annual Between The White Lines Sports Camp in partnership with Drake Athletics. Our camp sponsors included Texas Rangers Foundation, Pro Players Foundation, Thrivent Financial and Play it Forward USA. The day was not only an amazing success, but one that has impacted our lives.

Together, with our wonderful partner and sponsors, we were able to feed 35 teens breakfast and lunch, provide them the opportunity to be coached by former professional athletes and motivate them through the life lessons of Jim “The Rookie” Morris, former NFL Player Devin Wyman, and Nationally ranked coach Terry Drake.

The best part of the day was interacting and forming bonds with each young athlete. Coach Zachary Criss and Coach Quinlin Germany of OD Wyatt High School have individually inspired us with their consistent leadership and investment in the lives of the amazing young men and women within their school and community.

Today, in a world full of divisiveness and civil injustice, we saw hope for our future in the character displayed by the amazing participants and staff within this life-changing day. The sports camp was more than an event it was the start of a movement, an intentional act aiming to build unity through giving back to the needs of others. We look forward to many more days like this one. Let’s level the playing field in our country.

It is our privilege and honor to make a difference, one community at a time. Will you join us?


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